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2022 Audi Q7 vs. the Competition in Shreveport, LA

Choosing the best SUV for your drive can often come with long nights of research to find that perfect model. Here at our Audi dealership in Shreveport, Louisiana, we know how much of a challenge it can be to narrow down your selection to that ideal combination of power, capability, and comfort. We're happy to walk you through the benefits of purchasing or leasing a new Audi SUV, like the 2022 Audi Q7.

This Audi SUV puts your convenience and luxury first, ensuring that your daily commute is always first-rate. Even when matched against the competition, the Audi Q7 comes out looking like the clear choice. We recommend that you explore a comparison of the models below and see why the Audi Q7 is one of our top recommendations for families in Shreveport, Louisiana. Then, stop by our dealership to see what our new Audi inventory has for you.

Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90: Design and Features

Both models offer a unique experience for their passengers, with the 2022 Audi Q7 and 2022 Volvo XC90 both making room for up to seven passengers. However, the Audi Q7 takes comfort and luxury to the next level with available Valcona/Cricket leather seats, which are even nicer than the available Nappa leather seats in the XC90. The Audi Q7 also comes with heated front seats as standard equipment and cooled front seats as optional equipment - neither of which are offered on the XC90's base model. What's more, the Audi Q7 has more front-row headroom and legroom as well as second-row legroom to ensure that you stay cozy on long drives. Overall, it's simply more comfortable.

Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90: Safety

Both Audi and Volvo are industry leaders when it comes to safety, and both the 2022 Q7 and 2022 XC90 perform extremely well in crashworthiness evaluations. You won't find much to differentiate the two SUVs here. Both come with standard or optional automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring, and more. Notably, the Audi Q7 does stand out for a semi-autonomous driving mode offered with its available adaptive cruise control system. The XC90 has no such feature, making it less convenient to drive on long road trips.

Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90: Safety

When it comes to value, it's not hard to see why the Audi Q7 comes out on top between these two luxury SUVs. The 2022 Audi Q7 comes with more standard features, more power and performance, standard quattro® all-wheel drive, and more comfort than its Swedish-made rival. They also have comparable starting prices, so if you're debating between the two, it simply makes more sense to go with the 2022 Q7. Get a closer look at the Q7 at Audi Shreveport.

Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90: Performance

When it comes to performance, you need an SUV that can handle your on-the-go lifestyle with ease. In this category, the 2022 Audi Q7 has a major lead. While both SUVs are offered with three different engines, all of them turbocharged, the Q7 delivers better performance at every turn. The top-of-the-line twin-turbo V8 offered in the SQ7 cranks out 500 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque, which is significantly more than the 400 horsepower and 472 lb-ft produced by the XC90's most powerful engine. This difference in power has major repercussions for real-world capability: The Q7 can tow up to 7,700 pounds while the XC90 is limited to just 5,000 pounds.

To make matters worse for the XC90, the Audi Q7 gets standard quattro® all-wheel drive, the world's leading AWD system, providing you with enhanced control and better grip powering out of corners or simply driving up a snowy driveway. The Volvo XC90 has standard front-wheel drive and requires you to pay extra to unlock its inferior AWD system.

2022 Audi Q7 Interior | Shreveport, LA 

Audi Q7 vs. Lexus RX: Superior Performance

The 2022 Audi Q7 and 2022 Lexus RX are luxury SUVs that combine family-friendly spaciousness with enthusiast-friendly driving dynamics. But if you're looking for a practical ride that's fun behind the wheel, you'll find the Q7 to be the better vehicle.

The optional turbocharged V6 in the Q7 - which uses a 48-volt hybrid system to make 335 horsepower - is substantially faster than the RX's V6, including the RX 450h that throws two electric motors into the mix.

The Audi Q7 also uses standard quattro® all-wheel-drive, and while the Lexus RX is also available with its own AWD system, you'll have to pay extra to get it. With its optional air suspension and four-wheel steering, the Q7 also delivers superior handling and ride comfort. All around, it's just a nicer vehicle to ride in, whether you're cruising around Longview or Bossier City.

Audi Q7 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLS: Interior Design and Features

Audi designed the new Q7 to feel like a paradise on wheels. Whether you're cruising around Shreveport or headed out to Bossier City, Longview, or Monroe, the 2022 Audi Q7 offers a more refined riding experience than what you'll get in the Mercedes-Benz GLS.

Despite starting at a price that's tens of thousands of dollars lower than the GLS's base price, the 2022 Audi Q7 delivers an interior that's no less refined and elevated. Even if you upgrade to the top-of-the-line Q7 Prestige, you'll still pay thousands less than you would for the Mercedes-Benz while enjoying perks like the Executive package and smooth-riding Audi adaptive air suspension. On top of that, the 2022 Audi Q7 offers more comfort in the front row with more headroom and legroom than the Mercedes-Benz GLS does.  

Audi Q7 vs. Lexus RX: Cutting-Edge Interior Tech

It only takes a few second inside each vehicle to discern that the 2022 Audi Q7 is a level above the 2022 Lexus RX - if not a few levels.

Its contemporary, minimalist design is complemented by beautiful materials, ergonomic controls, and cutting-edge infotainment technologies. Material quality in the RX is good as well, but the overall design looks very last-gen, with lots of buttons and knobs and a small, standard 8-inch touch screen mounted atop the dashboard. The Q7 uses motion sensors and touch panels to create a truly clean look and comes with a standard 10.1-inch touch screen in addition to another 8.6-inch screen for added control.

The Q7 also has room for up to seven people (as opposed to five for the RX), tri-zone automatic climate control (as opposed to dual-zone), and a nicer optional sound system: a 23-speaker setup by Bang & Olufsen®, compared to a 15-speaker system by Mark Levinson for the Lexus.

Audi Q7 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLS: Choices

Choice is one of the most important things that sets the 2022 Audi Q7 apart from the Mercedes-Benz GLS. The Q7 is available in Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige trims with different feature combinations, appearance highlights, powertrain options, and price points to precisely match your needs and tastes. But with the Mercedes-Benz GLS, you're restricted and can only select the GLS 450 model - whether or not it's right for your lifestyle.

2022 Audi Q7 | Shreveport, LA

Audi Q7 vs. Genesis GV70: Smooth Rides

The Audi Q7 delivers smoother performance than what you'll experience inside the Genesis GV70. The reason? A multi-link independent front suspension that helps the Q7 glide over bumps with more ease than the GV70's strut-based system. The Q7 also comes standard with 19-inch wheels, which provide better stability and braking distance than the Genesis GV70's smaller 18-inch wheels.

Audi Q7 vs. Genesis GV70: Luxury

Living up to its status as a luxury SUV, the Audi Q7 boasts a broader selection of high-end features than the GV70. For example, the Q7 comes standard with a power panoramic sunroof that floods the cabin with light. The GV70 gives you a sunroof as an added option, but that means you'll have to pay extra. The Q7 also offers an available Bang & Olufsen® 3D premium audio system with 19 speakers - a larger and better-sounding setup than what you'll find in the GV70.

Audi Q7 vs. Genesis GV70: Spaciousness

With its longer and wider build, the Audi Q7 offers more passenger and cargo space than what you'll find inside the Genesis GV70. In the first and second rows, riders can count on extra legroom and shoulder room from the Audi model. In addition, the Q7 comes with a third row that's not available for the GV70 - so more of your friends or family members can come along for the ride.

That extra space gives the Q7 about 70 cubic feet of total cargo space when the rear rows are folded down compared to the GV70's 57 cubic feet maximum.


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